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ZEUS's research & development staff and expertise continously design innovative products to support customers in finding problem solving, cost efficiency solutions for their lightning & surge problem. Zeus Research is conducted as in the laboratory to test surge lightning arrester with artificial lightning impuls and at the Lightning Research Station in Mount Tangkuban Perahu West Java as well to match the condition of natural lightning. 
The ZEUS experts are active participants in the national & international committees of lightning organization such as IEC and other lightning related committees and organization for the improvement of Lightning Protection Standards and Codes.  The quality of ZEUS experts and team is recognized by awarded national and international companies lightning protection projects.

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Penangkal Petir Zeus - Banyan Tree Resort Bali

Penangkal Petir ZEUS
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Penangkal Petir ZEUS
Zeus Grounding Pit, ControlBox - Banyan Tree Resorts Ungasan Bali

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Penangkal Petir Zeus on the Top Roof Main Building - Banyan Tree Resort Ungasan Bali

Zeus Grounding - Inside Grounding Control Box - Banyan Tree Resorts Bali

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